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Dutch Classic

The three listed canal houses at Keizersgracht 163–167 have been connected internally to create 2,500 sqm of breathtaking modern office space that is equally suitable for multiple or single tenant occupancy. The spacious complex, home to the headquarters of the Nationale Borg insurance company from 1923 is tremendously well-appointed, looking out as it does on to one of the most photogenic bridges in the city.

Over the centuries these three merchant houses have evolved together in the spirit of friendly competition. Number 167 is a listed building dating back to 1756, but a plaque in the attic commemorates a structure from as far back as 1618. For years, number 165 was the shortest of the trio but it had a late growth spurt in 1904 when three additional storeys were added during renovations. Fortunately, there are elevators throughout. The front of the property looks out over the calm waters of the Keizersgracht to the famous Art Nouveau office Astoria building opposite. The back of the property has beautiful views over lush gardens.

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On-site Amenities

Shared E-bikes Covered Bike Storage Meeting Room Board Room F&B Offering Welcoming Lobby Concierge Services Community Roof Terrace Penthouse Apartment
No 5 05
No 5 02
05 Diamond Kantoor
05 Diamond Kantoor2
05 DIAMOND Lobby2
05 Diamond Sou
05 DIAMOND Stijlkamer
05 DIAMOND Vergader
05 gevel
No 5 04


Lettable floor area
Total 2,150 sqm
Available 64 – 550 sqm