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At The Collection we believe that an office space has a major influence on an organisation’s results. We are keen to contribute to this with our tailor-made office spaces, unparalleled facilities and superior hospitality.

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Tailor-made office space in Amsterdam

At The Collection you can rent office space in the heart of Amsterdam that is a perfect fit for your organisation. We understand that growth comes through expansion and contraction, so we provide flexibility and are happy to find solutions together. Wherever and whenever you desire. Scaling up and scaling down is possible. We offer tailor-made office spaces for various organisations in a wide range of sectors. Office space is available starting at 150 m2.

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Facilities at The Collection

When you rent an office space at The Collection, you become a member of The Membership, giving you access to all the facilities that The Collection has to offer. This allows you to use the various boardrooms, meeting rooms and office lobbies. As your physical health is essential for you to be able to work at your most efficient, you can make use of one of the gyms, personal training and organized yoga classes.

All with flexible planning and supervision by expert trainers. To make it easy for you to travel through the city, you may use the shared e-bikes and bike storage. In addition, The Collection has penthouse apartments and a private boat at its disposal.

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The Chapters: our office space in Amsterdam

We call The Collection’s buildings Chapters because every building is unique. Every Chapter of The Collection is driven by hospitality and we do our utmost to meet all the needs of our members.

The Collection feels like home to us. The beautiful design, the friendly hosts, the history of the building, the open spaces to collaborate and the wonderful amenities really add to our team member experience. We love it here!

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Amanda Johnson
VP Global Talent Acquisition

The spacious meeting rooms and hospitality at The Collection were a real draw for us, alongside the building's heritage.

Campaigning law firm
Pogust Goodhead
Campaigning law firm

The central location distinguishes us from 'magic circle' firms on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

VESPER advocaten
VESPER Advocaten LLP
Boutique law firm

When clients enter our office space, they’re astonished because nobody expects something like what we have here, in the heart of the city. An office in the heart of the city was always my dream. It’s really important for employee branding to have a nice office space where people feel at home. The Collection could provide us with this, with the location and all the amenities that come with the membership.

Amp Amsterdam
Joost Haartsen
Founder & CEO of Amp.Amsterdam

Connect with The Collection

We aim to offer organisations the most welcoming office space in Amsterdam and cater to their every need. In short, we facilitate a space for your workforce to thrive. Looking for more information or do you have any questions? Feel free to get in touch and discover what we have to offer your organisation in the city centre of Amsterdam.


The Collection Holding B.V.
Stadhouderskade 85
1073 AT Amsterdam

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