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We believe that work should be fun, social, inspiring and fulfilling

The Collection is an initiative from HighBrook Investors and REB, a family-owned, boutique real estate development firm established in 2007 in the heart of Amsterdam. From our shared belief that work should be a fun, social, inspiring and fulfilling experience with spaces to match, The Collection was born.

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Growth comes through expansion and reduction. Adapt to changing circumstances. Upscale and downscale wherever and whenever you want. Use all of our services and facilities. Tailor made for your personal business.


Inspired by the city, its magnificent history, its cherished architectural heritage and the diversity of its people, we aim to contribute to Amsterdam’s progressive evolution in everything we do.

We continuously strive for the highest possible standards; in sustainable renovation, innovation and craftsmanship, carefully shaping each of our projects into a true masterpiece. Every day we make it our goal to provide the most hospitable experience imaginable, where guests feel welcome and appreciated and where wonderful memories can be created.

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