Date September 30, 2021
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The Collection is an initiative from HighBrook Investors and REB, a family-owned, boutique real estate development firm established in 2007 in the heart of Amsterdam. From there shared belief that work should be a fun, social, inspiring and fulfilling experience with spaces to match, The Collection was born.

Inspired by the city, its magnificent history, its cherished architectural heritage and the diversity of its people, REB intends to pay homage by demonstrating its dedicated expertise to realise magnificently modernised residencies.

For more than 10 years, REB has married architectural lineage with a simple purpose: to make life beautiful.

At REB, they strongly believe in the value of quality and beauty; it defines them as a team and reflects what they wish to contribute to there beloved cities and to the lives of the people taking up residence in our projects.

As REB’s in-house team and professional partners, they continuously strive for the highest possible standard in sustainable renovation and innovation, in craftsmanship and ingenious custom design.

REB carefully selects each project and develops it into a true masterpiece by aiming for an optimal balance in securing the architectural heritage of a property and magnificently modernising it through dedicated design, craftsmanship and expertise.

Whether you are looking for a noteworthy investment opportunity or planning to take up residence in one our projects – from a starter studio to a high-end family home – REB demonstrates its expertise and personal commitment throughout the process, continuously aiming to exceed your expectations.

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The spacious meeting rooms and hospitality at The Collection were a real draw for us, alongside the building's heritage.

Campaigning law firm
Pogust Goodhead
Campaigning law firm

The central location distinguishes us from 'magic circle' firms on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

VESPER advocaten
VESPER Advocaten LLP
Boutique law firm

When clients enter our office space, they’re astonished because nobody expects something like what we have here, in the heart of the city. An office in the heart of the city was always my dream. It’s really important for employee branding to have a nice office space where people feel at home. The Collection could provide us with this, with the location and all the amenities that come with the membership.

Amp Amsterdam
Joost Haartsen
Founder & CEO of Amp.Amsterdam

The Collection feels like home to us. The beautiful design, the friendly hosts, the history of the building, the open spaces to collaborate and the wonderful amenities really add to our team member experience. We love it here!

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Amanda Johnson
VP Global Talent Acquisition