Vesper Advocaten

Date July 01, 2021
Author The Collection
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VESPER Advocaten LLP is an Amsterdam based, specialist-only boutique law firm with more than 70 years of combined experience in Corporate Law, Financial Law, Financial Litigation, Regulatory and Employment Law.

Specialisation and innovation are key game changers in facing today’s challenges of business and society. As modern-day lawyers, Vesper provides counsel to the entrepreneurs, investors and institutions that are shaping the world of tomorrow. It is our firm's strategy to work at the highest level, for leading clients, in high-profile transactions and cases.

Our offices are within The Collection Chapter No.3 (Westermarkt 2, our address since incorporation in 2016). The reasons for this choice are threefold. First, the prestigious monumental office space offers the firm’s lawyers the possibility to work in the beating heart of Amsterdam, which maximises work pleasure and distinguishes the firm from ‘magic circle’ firms located in the outskirts of the city. Secondly, due to the office space being replete with hospitality-driven services and amenities, visiting clients do not have to worry about the temperature of their cappuccino and the lawyers can focus on what they excel at: providing high-quality legal services. Finally, as a member of The Collection, the firm has access to a network of sophisticated office spaces and fully serviced meeting rooms within monumental addresses across Amsterdam, which provides improved accessibility for clients and flexibility when it comes to the firm’s future growth.