Official launch 'The Collection': the new standard in modern office space

Date July 08, 2021

Today, 'The Collection' was officially launched. This brand-new portfolio of eleven high-quality, historic office buildings in the inner city of Amsterdam offers an unprecedented network of services and amenities to its members.

The properties of The Collection - each situated at a prime location - are called Chapters, referring to the diversity of their narrative. Each Chapter has its own offerings to add to The Collection, including boardrooms, a penthouse apartment, gyms, a private boat, secluded gardens, coffee bars, lounges and numerous meeting rooms. Members that lease office space at one of the Chapters gain access to them all. The first three Chapters - at the Looiersgracht 43, Stadhouderskade 85 and the Westermarkt 2 - are now open. Six more Chapters are scheduled to open their doors in the coming nine months.

The Chapters of The Collection foster a sense of destination and community. In that community, the members have the ability to create spaces filled with their own culture as the leased spaces can be adjusted in any way that fits their identity or specific wishes and needs. This is possible because The Collection not only provides the concept but is also the owner of the real estate.

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Network of prestigious office space & high-end facilities
Gijsbert Witteveen, commercial director of The Collection: "With The Collection, we are not just offering a network of modern workplaces at triple-A locations in Amsterdam. We are providing a range of high-end facilities and services that can be used by all our members at all times. It is no coincidence that we refer to clients as members instead of tenants." The Collection can offer members a wide range of space options from individual office suites to entire private canal houses. "Our members are of various sizes and backgrounds", says Witteveen. "They have in common that they value the combination of high-quality office space with grade-A hospitality. Some are focused on recruitment and want to offer their employees an exquisite workspace in order to stand out in the war on talent. Others rely on The Collection to make the best possible impression on their clients. All members value that the service level of The Collection so that they can focus on their own business and flourish."

Work-life balance
Post-COVID the needs of office users have changed. "For many companies, the office is becoming the clubhouse of its employees. Social encounters at the office should be inspiring and the perfect environment and atmosphere are a precondition. At The Collection, we facilitate countless ways to connect with like-minded people. Members can meet and hang out in our lounges, shared meeting rooms and board room, but we also offer the opportunity to work out in our gyms, sail our private boat, enjoy the secluded gardens and meet up at the various bars. This gives our members the flexibility to meet a varying demand for workspace throughout the week. The Collection is not just designed for business purposes, but also to contribute to a healthy work-life balance", Witteveen concludes.

About The Collection
The Collection is an initiative of HighBrook Investors and REB Projects. From their shared belief that work should be a fun, social, inspiring and fulfilling experience with spaces to match, The Collection was born. HighBrook Investors is a real estate private equity firm, founded in 2010. It has invested over EUR 1.5 billion in Dutch real estate over the past five years. REB Projects is a family-owned, boutique real estate development firm established in 2007 in the heart of Amsterdam. REB Projects delivers the highest possible standards in sustainable renovation, innovation and craftsmanship, carefully shaping each project into a true masterpiece.